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Senior meets junior lessons learned, and some thoughts about the future of remote work

Published: Dec 2019

High level summary Last month, I setup a brief survey on Typeform and submitted it to ProductHunt as a project called “Senior meets junior”. Senior meets junior was described as a project that would allow engineers to collaborate together over side projects. Junior engineers could collaborate on real projects to upskill, […]


Thoughts on side projects

Published: Dec 2019

I recently visited my best friend from college. We were both city boys who caused trouble as teenagers, and connected over our free spirited willingness for fun. Since our friendship began 10 years ago, he has taken up farming and lives in Oregon on a nine acre plot with crops, animals […]


Goodbye 155

Published: Dec 2019

I met Gary after being invited to co-work with him and Jed at a coffee shop in k-town, after lunch at a Korean restaurant.


How Public Art works

Published: Mar 2019

Details on my React-Native iOS application backed by a Ruby on Rails backend and some Python Jupyter notebook scripts Public Art is an iOS application that helps you discover new nearby street art. I’ve been working on this project on my own, but it has a lot of technical moving parts. I […]


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Current Projects

Art and Writing

How I used machine learning as inspiration for physical paintings

I’ve been painting graffiti under bridges and in abandoned buildings since I was 15. I grew up in San Francisco when street art was booming…



Remind to Read

Software as a Service for Medium writers to provide their readers a email reminder. Developed around the OEmbed W3C API and integrated through Embed.ly.



Programming Sunset


Twitter meets Github and Exposure. A platform for software engineers and creatives to actively show proof-of-work on side-projects.

Email Monitoring Sunset

Email Newsletter Stand

Research tool for monitoring and analyzing email newsletters. Developer a email analysis pipeline for extracting links and content. Subscribed to 150+ email lists and monitored trends for 2 years.

Backbone.js Ruby on Rails Unmaintained

Sweetspot Photos

Made in response to the UX of photo carousels. Sweetspot provided a different way for photojournalists to layout their pictures in narative form. Creators pick "sweet spots" on pictures, that link to another gallery phot.


Twilio Active

Tell Me 'Bout It

A web app that allows you to listen to and share breakup stories. Hundreds of people have called in their 15-45 second breakup stories that are shared across the site.


Google Extension Active

Connected Particles Extension

Google Chrome extension that creates a D3.js "connected particles" animation for every new tab.


Ruby on Rails Unmaintained


Twitter based match making service to encourage online friends to meet in person. Lunnch was based around an interface that allowed users to opt-in with their availability, and match with other creatives for lunch (or breakfast).


Angular.js Unmaintained


E-DNA stands for Editorial DNA. This was a new-tab dashboard for providing magazine web producer's daily workflow. Based on the time of day, common tasks were surfaced. Web traffic on a designated website was analyzed through Google Analytics and compared against Google trends throughout the day.


Chrome Extension Unmaintained

Google Trends in New Tab

Display a beautifully animated series of panels with Google Trend tabs.

Google Store

Email Monitoring Sunset


Tool for synthesis email responses for email newsletter managers. ReplyFrom provided a unique email to use as the "reply to" address and an easy-to-use UI for managing and aggregating responses.

Twitter Bot Unmaintained


Built a Twitter bot that posted graffiti and street art images from various public sources. The account developed a following of 8500+. At its peak, @streetartfound was getting over 800,000 impressions a week.


Ruby on Rails Sunset

City Mission

Built as a "data donation" platform. City Mission allowed organizations to run a campaign around a "data" problem. The campaign composed of collecting participants, then once the participant requirement was hit, instructions were sent out to facilitiate data collection.

Ruby on Rails Sunset

Public Art Found

Platform for graffiti art geneology. PAF tried to create a digital representation for every piece of graffiti/street art. The platform to track artists, works of art, and high traffic graffiti spots.

.NET Frontend Active

Stinky Bad

URL shortener that uses words instead of string hashes. So you can say, "go to stinkybad.com slash lion".



What is Soka Education?

Simple website that explains the Soka Education pedagogy.


Email Newsletter Sunset

Developer Side-Project Newsletter

Newsletter for developers to share sideprojects. Got 200 subscribes over a weekend and validated interest. Manually polling audience for projects was inefficient and project died.

Android TV Unmaintained


A service for teachers to get realtime user feedback from YouTube videos. The application was built for Android TV devices and various mobile interfaces. The teacher used the Android TV to build out playlists and view classroom analytics. The mobile interface was used by students to answer survey questions, anser multiple choice questions, and signal issues


Ionic Sunset


Mobile web application to help graffiti artists coordinate travel plans in realtime. The application allowed users to stream their location and pinpoint locations to coordinate graffiti tagging trips

Google Extension Sunset


Browser extension that ran "meta" searches against keywords in your active tab window for news websites. The searches checked Facebook social-graph data against the names of locations or people.

Backbone.js Unmaintained

Street Art Identifier

Game for presenting pictures and asking users for input. The pictures are scraped graffiti images. The user is asked to input the artist's name. Data is stored and compared against past results to identifer user consensus. If there is consensus, then the images is correctly tagged and both users get a point. If there is no majority consensus, the users lose a point.


Ruby Python Objective-C Sunset

Public Art

Public Art was an iOS application that made it possible to discover over 100,000 new street art and graffiti images from Instagram, a month.

The project started after I had created a photo pipeline from Instagram, where I indexed all images with lat/lon data and a series of hashtags. Based on this "feature", I realized there was no effective way to browse the images. The result was an app that passed the device's own current location, and processed a search query for the nearest indexed images.

The project ran for 2 years until the "features" used to pull Instagram images couldn't confidently return graffiti and street art. The cost of processing every indexed image to prevent undesired images was too much at the time.

Worthy Links

Active Open Source Projects

rememberlenny/ robinhood-ruby

Ruby gem for trading stocks on the US exchange markets through Robinhood's undocumented API

newyorker/ uturn.js

Events for changing scrolling behavior with a requestAnimationFrame debounce.

remindtoread/ wordpress-plugin

WordPress plugin to implement Remind to Read.

rememberlenny/ Simple-User-Import

Allows blog administrators to add multiple users to blogs at a time. Blog administrator can specify email/username, firstname, and lastname. The display name of an account is set to "Firstname Lastname".

rememberlenny/ Foundation on Yeoman

This repository is a Yeoman webapp installation with properlly configured Foundation. Download andget started!


I am a full-stack web developer, with primary experience around Ruby on Rails applications and large JavaScript applications (React, Ember, Angular). I have production experience writing and testing server-side applications in Python, Go, Node.js, PHP, as well as various frontend environments.

My most updated professional work history can be found on LinkedIn.

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I have worked with the companies below, as well as many others that are not listed.

Showtime Networks

The New Yorker

Pace University


Bon Appétit

W Magazine